Gomer Pyle

The character of Gomer Pyle (Jim Nabors, left) originated on "The Andy Griffith Show" (1960-68). Gomer left Mayberry to serve in the Marines under the irrepressible Sergeant Vince Carter (Frank Sutton). The two series were among the most-watched of their day, with "Gomer" regularly beating his old buddy "Andy" in the Nielsen Ratings. Recently, the TV Land network added both shows to their lineup, bringing the long-time favorites together again twice nightly.


  1. Gomer Overcomes the Obstacle Course
  2. It's Gomer versus the obstacle course.

  3. Guest In the Barracks
    Gomer sneaks a recruit's girlfriend into the barracks.

  4. Pay Day
    Gomer refuses part of his paycheck after a scolding from Sgt. Carter.

  5. Captain Ironpants
    Gomer tries to help a lady Marine improve her looks.

  6. Gomer Learns a Bully
    A troublesome recruit targets Gomer.

  7. Private Ralph Skunk
    Gomer befriends a skunk.

  8. Nobody Loves a Sergeant
    Sgt. Carter cannot figure out why Gomer likes him.

  9. Gomer and the Dragon Lady
    Sgt. Carter pits Gomer versus the "Dragon Lady".

  10. Survival of the Fattest
    Gomer and Sgt. Carter are partners on a five-day survival test.

  11. A Date For the Colonel's Daughter
    Gomer takes the Colonel's daughter to a dance.

  12. They Shall Not Pass
    Gomer's platoon engages in war games.

  13. Sergeant Carter, Marine Baby-sitter
    Who would have thought that Sgt. Carter would be so good with children?

  14. The Case of the Marine Bandit
    Gomer and Sgt. Carter become unwitting robbery accomplices.

  15. Sergeant of the Week
    Sgt. Carter mistakenly thinks Gomer is dying.

  16. Grandpa Pyle's Good Luck Charm
    Grandpa Pyle gives Gomer a good-luck charm.

  17. Dance, Marine, Dance
    Gomer and Sgt. Carter sign up with a dance studio.

  18. Sergeant Carter's Farewell to His Troops
    Sgt. Carter announces that he is quitting the Marines.

  19. The Feudin' Pyles
    Gomer and a buddy are on opposite sites of a family feud.

  20. Love Letters To the Sarge
    Gomer tries to cheer up Sgt. Carter with anonymous love notes.

  21. Sgt. Carter Gets a "Dear John" Letter
    Sgt. Carter cannot believe that his girl has a new love - Gomer!

  22. Daughter of the Sarge
    Sgt. Carter's adopted Korean daugther wants to wed a Marine.

  23. Officer Candidate Gomer Pyle
    Gomer passes the exam for officer training.

  24. Old Man Carter
    Sgt. Carter feels his age on his birthday.

  25. Gomer Makes the Honor Guard
    Sgt. Carter tries to keep Gomer from being an honor guard.

  26. My Buddy - War Hero
    Sgt. Carter and his wartime buddy find themselves at odds.

  27. Double Date With the Sarge
    Sgt. Carter doubles with Gomer.

  28. The Jet Set
    Gomer takes a detour to Rome while going downtown.

  29. Sergeant of the Guard
    Gomer tries to capture a ring of thieves.

  30. Gomer Dates a Movie Star
    Gomer is asked to take two women to a dance.

  31. Gomer, the M.P.
    Gomer makes a major mistake while on M.P. duty.

  32. PFC Gomer Pyle
    Gomer fails a test that everyone else passes.

  33. Third Finger, Left Loaf
    Best Man Gomer loses the wedding ring.

  34. The Blind Date
    Gomer's date thinks he is millionaire oil man.

  35. Home On the Range
    Gomer befriends a homeless hillbilly family.

  36. Gomer Untrains a Dog
    Gomer turns a vicious dog into a gentle pet.

  37. Supply Sergeants Never Die
    Gomer gets a supply sergeant job on a bet.

  38. Cat Overboard
    Gomer brings a stray cat along on sea duty.

  39. Gomer Captures a Submarine

  40. The Grudge Fight
    Sgt. Carter challenges a retired boxer to a fight.

  41. Gomer, State Witness
    Gomer sees an auto accident involving Sgt. Carter.

  42. A Visit From Cousin Goober
    Goober Pyle pays a surprise visit to cousin Gomer.

  43. A Groom For Sergeant Carter's Sister
    Sgt. Carter dislikes his sister's fiance.

  44. Gomer Minds His Sergeant's Car
    Sgt. Carter's car is wrecked while in Gomer's care.

  45. Gomer, the Peace Maker
    Gomer tries to patch up Sgt. Carter and his girlfriend.

  46. Gomer Pyle, P.O.W.
    While on manuevers, Gomer is captured by the enemy.

  47. Gomer Pyle, Civilian
    Gomer becomes a civilian employee on the base.

  48. Gomer and the Beast
    A tough sergeant thinks Gomer is after his girl.

  49. Grandma Pyle, Fortune Teller
    Gomer's grandmother predicts Sgt. Carter's future.

  50. Arrivederci, Gomer
    Gomer's help for a romantically-challenged buddy is misinterpreted.

  51. Sergeant Carter Dates a Pyle
    Gomer fixes his cousin up with Sgt. Carter.

  52. Little Girl Blue
    Gomer befriends a colonel's lonely young daughter.

  53. A Star Is Born
    Sgt. Carter becomes the subject of a TV documentary.

  54. Gomer and the Phone Company
    Gomer is arrested while returning money to the phone company.

  55. Duke Slater, Night Club Comic
    Duke uses Sgt. Carter in his comedy act.

  56. Vacation In Vegas

  57. Opie Joins the Marines
    Opie Taylor (Ronny Howard) wants to sign up.

  58. A Date With Miss Camp Henderson
    Sgt. Carter bets on Gomer.

  59. Gomer and the Father Figure
    An old con artist dupes Gomer and Sgt. Carter.

  60. Desk Job For Sergeant Carter
    Sgt. Carter accepts a temporary desk job.

  61. Gomer, the Would-Be Hero
    Sgt. Carter lets Gomer accept the credit for a heroic deed.

  62. Lies, Lies, Lies
    An actress invites Gomer to her house, but will anyone believe him.

  63. Crazy Legs Gomer
    Carter wants Gomer to win an intersquad contest.

  64. Gomer, the Carrier
    It seems everyone has the German measles; everyone except Gomer and the Sarge.

  65. Caution: Low Overhead
    Sgt. Carter sets out to expose a fraud.

  66. Show Me the Way To Go Home
    Gomer befriends an alcoholic.

  67. How To Succeed In Farming Without Really Trying
    Sgt. Carter spikes Gomer's prize watermelon with vodka.

  68. Gomer and the Little Men From Outer Space
    Gomer reports that he saw creatures from another planet.

  69. The Borrowed Car
    Gomer is arrested (again) after wrecking Sgt. Carter's car.

  70. Gomer Pyle, Super Chef
    Sgt. Hacker wagers that he can train Gomer as a mess-hall cook.

  71. Marry Me, Marry Me
    Gomer winds up engaged after one date.

  72. Cold Nose, Warm Heart
    Sgt. Carter competes with a puppy for a date's affections.

  73. Follow That Car
    Gomer and Sgt. Carter are captured by smugglers.

  74. It Takes Two To Tangle
    Sgt. Carter learns that Bunny was seen with another man.

  75. Wither the Weather
    Gomer proves to be an accurate weather predictor.

  76. Love's Old Sweet Song
    A songstress applauds Gomer's song with a kiss.

  77. Gomer, the Recruiter
    Gomer unknowingly recruits a fugitive bank robber.

  78. The Secret Life of Gomer Pyle
    Sgt. Carter tags along on one of Gomer's weekend outings.

  79. Go Blow Your Horn
    Sgt. Carter tries to transfer Gomer to the band.

  80. You Bet Your Won Ton
    Gomer holds a dinner in a Chinese gambling den.

  81. Sue the Pants Off 'Em
    Two lawyers try to urge Gomer and Sgt. Carter into a suit.

  82. Gomer and the Card Shark
    Sgt. Carter and Duke use Gomer to expose a card cheat.

  83. To Re-enlist or Not To Re-enlist
    Sgt. Carter attempts to keep Gomer from re-enlisting.

  84. Lou-Ann Poovie Sings Again
    The Marines' favorite nightclub singer (and Gomer's girl) returns.

  85. Gomer, the Welsh Rarebit Fiend
    Gomer's love for Welsh rabbit causes him to sleepwalk.

  86. Sing a Song of Papa
    A club owner wants Gomer to sing every night.

  87. Where There's a Will
    Sgt. Carter volunteers Gomer for a parachute jump.

  88. Lost, the Colonel's Daughter
    Gomer loses the colonel's daughter at a go-go club.

  89. The Crow Ganef
    Gomer's new friend turns out to be a thief.

  90. One of Our Shells Is Missing
    Sgt. Carter and Gomer hunt for a live mortar shell.

  91. Lou-Ann Poovie Sings No More
    Gomer finds a salesclerk job for Lou-Ann.

  92. A Visit From Aunt Bee
    Aunt Bee objects to Sgt. Carter's attitude toward Gomer.

  93. The Recruiting Poster
    Gomer's face is chosen for use on a recruiting poster.

  94. Corporal Carol
    A woman Marine tries to split up Gomer and Lou-Ann.

  95. A Leader of Men
    A visiting congressman suggests a promotion for Gomer.

  96. Gomer, Beautiful Dreamer
    Gomer dreams that Sgt. Carter proposes to Bunny.

  97. The Great Talent Hunt
    Gomer represents his platoon in a talent contest.

  98. Gomer Says 'Hey' To the President

  99. And a Child Shall Lead Them
    A little boy dupes Gomer and Sgt. Carter.

  100. The Show Must Go On
    Gomer has stage fright just before a show in Washington.

  101. The Better Man
    Lou-Ann's father and ex-fiance come to town.

  102. To Watch a Thief
    Gomer thinks Sgt. Carter has stolen a watch.

  103. The Prize Boat
    Gomer and Sgt. Carter become part owners in a boat.

  104. Friendly Freddy Strikes Again
    A con artist tries to retrieve a ring he sold to Gomer.

  105. Change Partners
    Sgt. Carter and Bunny split up and seek other partners.

  106. Wild Bull From Pampas
    A South American general wants to overthrow Sgt. Carter.

  107. Gomer, the Good Samaritan
    Gomer is detoured while going to pick up a general.

  108. Gomer, the Privileged Character
    Gomer's singing rehearsals excuse him from duty.

  109. Gomer Goes Home
    Gomer gets in trouble when he returns to Mayberry.

  110. A Dog Is a Dog
    The colonel's dog escapes from Gomer.

  111. Love Finds Gomer Pyle
    A 15-year-old girl develops an infatuation for Gomer.

  112. Gomer and the Queen of Burlesque
    Sgt. Hacker fixes up an unwitting Gomer with an exotic dancer.

  113. The Carriage Waits
    A store mistakenly sends Gomer a baby carriage.

  114. Sergeant Iago
    Sgt. Carter tells Gomer that Lou-Ann is seeing other men.

  115. Goodbye, Dolly
    Gomer hides an old horse on the base.

  116. The Price of Tomatoes
    Gomer finds a farmer living on military land.

  117. Chef For a Day
    Gomer may be assigned to the officers' mess.

  118. Gomer and the Night Club Comic
    Gomer tries to help a night club comic save his act.

  119. Love and Goulash
    Gomer becomes involved in a feud between two families.

  120. And Baby Makes Three
    Baby-sitting Gomer must sneak his little one onto the base.

  121. Friendly Freddy, the Gentleman's Tailor
    A con artist sells suits to Gomer and Sgt. Carter.

  122. Car For Sale
    Sgt. Carter sells Gomer a car he promised to Hacker.

  123. Corporal Duke
    Duke returns but can't escape his old reputation.

  124. The Booty Prize
    Gomer and Sgt. Carter win the battalion booby prize.

  125. Return of Monroe
    After Loo-Ann argues with Gomer, her ex-fiance visits.

  126. Just Move Your Lips, Sergeant
    An off-key Carter wants to sing with the platoon chorus.

  127. All You Need Is One Good Break
    Gomer and Sgt. Carter get credit for a stuntwoman's heroics.

  128. A Marriage of Convenience
    A movie star turns to Sgt. Carter after being spurned by Gomer.

  129. A Star Is Not Born
    Sgt. Carter cannot say his only line in a Hollywood movie.

  130. Come Blow Your Top
    Sgt. Hacker bets Carter he cannot stay calm for one day.

  131. A Little Chicken Soup Wouldn't Hurt
    A widow feeds Gomer and his buddies.

  132. Gomer, the Perfect M.P.
    M.P. Gomer will not let Sgt. Carter pass through a gate.

  133. The Wild Bull Returns
    General Cortez (Larry Storch) returns and eyes Bunny.

  134. Hit and Write
    Sgt. Carter offers to pay after scratching a car.

  135. Two On the Bench
    Sgt. Carter does not believe that Gomer knows a football star.

  136. A Tattoo For Gomer
    Lou-Ann appears to like Gomer's fake tattoo.

  137. Win a Date
    Gomer and Sgt. Carter appear on the "Win-A-Date" TV show.

  138. Marriage, Sgt. Carter Style
    Sgt. Carter wants Gomer to marry so he won't re-enlist.

  139. To Save a Life
    Sgt. Carter begins to regret saving a grateful Gomer's life.

  140. Dynamite Diner
    Gomer and Lou-Ann unwittingly help bank robbers.

  141. Freddy's Friendly Computer
    Con-man Freddy runs a computer dating service.

  142. Gomer Maneuvers
    Gomer reveals his platoon's location during maneuvers.

  143. Gomer Tends a Sick Cat
    Gomer assumes wrongly that Sgt. Carter is seriously ill.

  144. I'm Always Chasing Gomer
    Gomer haunts Sgt. Carter wherever he goes.

  145. The Short Voyage Home
    Sgt. Carter loses Gomer's life savings.

  146. Proxy Poppas
    Gomer and the Sarge rush a pregnant woman to the hospital.

  147. Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow
    Sgt. Carter loses a rabbit belonging to the general's son.

  148. Flower Power
    Hippies help Gomer paint a truck for maneuvers.

  149. Show Time With Sgt. Carol
    Sgt. Carol wants Gomer to sing in her Marine show.

  150. My Fair Sister
    Gomer must escort Sgt. Carter's sister to a dance.

  151. Goodbye Camp Henderson, Hello Sgt. Carter
    Sgt. Carter learns Gomer is being sent to another base.

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