Music Traders

The Good


Where From?


Terry Anderson

Wyoming USA

Quick and easy CD-R trade (7/02)

Ken Brannon

Missouri USA

Great communication, smooth swap! (1/02)

Karen Caya

Illinois USA

CD-R trade successful! (6/01)

Dean Elliott

Indiana USA

6:6 trade, good deal (5/02)

Tony Finocchietti

Maine USA

Promos traded for CD-R of REO rarities; poorly recording, but happy overall (11/99)

Larry Haines

New York USA

Problem-free 4:4 swap (9/98)

Burt Heilbron

Hawaii USA

Smooth CD-R trade (11/00)

Jon Herstein

North Carolina USA

Single CD-R swap, good and fast (4/02)

Sam Jenkins

Idaho USA

No problems with this CD-R trade (7/03)

Petar Jovanovic


Three successful trades (1998)

Rick Lasseter

Texas USA

4:4 swap with no problems (8/99)

John Lewis

Connecticut USA

Multi-disc trade - all good (5/01)

Nick Rolfe

Florida USA

1:2 trade, zero problems (8/98)

Michelle Saito

California USA

Good CD:CD-R trade (I got "The Goonies"! 11/99)

Frank Schmidt

Vancouver Canada

Transaction completed within one week! (7/98)

Jeff Scrimsher

Mississippi USA

Tonic for Bob Dylan CD swap - no problems (8/99)

Jim Seider

Illinois USA

Fast, easy CD-R trade; good to work with! (1/03)

Mike Steller

Maine USA

Fast and easy - Good trade! (7/03)

Dave Stevens

Florida USA

Took about a month to get my CDs (1/00)

Stan Twist

Washington USA

6:6 trade within one week (7/98)

Brett Vice

California USA

New LeRoux for new Kansas! (10/00)

Nico Laagland Winder


Successful swap / sale (8/98)

The Bad


Where From?


Steve Lockett

Illinois USA

Still waiting for 38 Special CD (1/99)

Igor Vladimirov

Bashkortostan Russia

One good trade; one not - second swaps never arrived (2/99)

The Good


Where From?


Bill Anderson

Colorado USA

Multiple, successful trades (1998-99)

Jon Arakaki

Hawaii USA

2:2 trade; Minis sound incredible! (1/00)

David Barrick

United Kingdom

6:6 trade completed within one week! (3/01)

Tim Hays

North Carolina USA

6:6 swap with zero problems (11/99)

Scott Knight

West Virginia USA

Another problem-free 6:6 trade (2/00)

Rick Lara

California USA

Great trade of MDs for CD-Rs (9/99)

Michael Logan

New Jersey USA

Quick and easy, no problems (6/98)

Stephen McGlasson

California USA

Yet another good 6:6 trade (4/99)

Steven Middler


Pulp Fiction OST for Travis (6/01)

Jim Morgan

North Carolina USA

Problem-free transaction (4/00)

Glen Noyer

Indiana USA

Various brand MDs, but all good! (11/00)

Jeff Price

West Virginia USA

Two trades each done within one week! (2000)

Rob Regets

New York USA

Fast trade, no problems! (9/00)

Brent Sanders

Washington USA

Took a while to get my Mini, but it sounds great

Daniel Sawicki

Michigan USA

Four MDs traded within one week! (8/02)

Mark Turner

Virginia USA

Good communication, most-prompt shipping (1/00)

Ezra Waltermaurer

New York USA

Nobody's better than Ezra! Quite "Good" (3/00)

Faizal Yusmal


Two trades each done within two weeks! (late-1999)

The Bad

None (so far) - HOORAY!

Delton Perrodin
P.O. Box 744
Bourg, LA 70343-0744
United States

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