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X-FILES 2 Might Not Be Here As Fast As Once Hoped

While doing press for his latest, Reign of Fire, director Rob Bowman has had a few things to say about the developing X-Files 2. Bowman directed the first film, as well as quite a few of the show’s episodes, and according to him, the movie might not be out as quick as Chris Carter indicated to us in May.

Back when the show was wrapping up, Carter said he was hoping to shoot X-Files 2 next year for a 2004 release. Bowman indicates now it might not be so soon.

"I know (series creator) Chris Carter intends to do another movie and Fox Studios certainly wants one," Bowman said in a recent interview. "David Duchovny definitely wants to do another one and I'm pretty certain Gillian Anderson could be talked into doing one. It's really a matter of gauging fan appetite. When we did the first one, the series was at its peak, so the appetite wasn't all that great for a feature film. Chris pointed out the first Star Trek movie didn't come out until 15 years after the TV show ended. I doubt Chris will make us all wait that long for another X-Files movie, but he will wait for people to get really hungry."

Bowman said several times, he’d like a shot at directing Files 2. Will he?

"No one has even whispered the possibility to me," Bowman said. "I'd be on board in an instant if they asked me, but if they don't, it doesn't matter because I had such incredible experiences with 'The X-Files' already."

Source: Calgary Sun
July 26, 2002

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