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Diesel Gives a Taste of Next Two PITCH BLACK Films

While talking about the upcoming sequels to 2000ís surprise genre hit, Pitch Black, Vin Diesel is comparing the ambition to making a Lord of the Rings class epic, while director / creator David Twohy is calling the trilogy "the evil Star Wars."

"If you're familiar with the [J.R.R.] Tolkien novels, in the same way that Hobbit is prequel to The Lord of the Rings, Pitch Black is a prequel to The Chronicles of Riddick [trilogy]," Vin Diesel said in a recent interview for XXX. He also shot down rumors the next films would be a prequel to Black, which had Dieselís character crashing on a desert planet and fighting monsters who only come out at night.

"It's got this extensive story that David Twohy's putting together. He calls it the evil Star Wars."

Source: Sci-Fi Wire
July 30, 2002

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