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Spielberg High on JURASSIC PARK 4

Despite the critical thrashing which attended the release of last year’s Jurassic Park 3, and maybe keying off on the fact the film made boxcars of money anyway, Steven Spielberg is high on the prospects for a fourth film.

By way of some history, remember Spielberg broke every box office record with his reanimated dinosaur flick Jurassic Park, and made lots of cash with its sequel, The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Joe Johnston directed Park 3.

So why is he so high on Jurassic Park 4?

"You're talking to the guy who has got to decide, and at this point I've pretty much decided to do a Jurassic 4, he recently told Starlog. "Similar to the third Jurassic, I will not direct it. I would hope that I could get Joe Johnston to direct this one, too, but it's up to him. I'll certainly offer it to Joe before I offer it to anyone else. We actually have a wonderful story that I think is the best story since the very first movie. In fact, I wish it were the third story instead of the fourth one. It came late, but it is actually the best story I've heard for a dinosaur movie since the Michael Crichton book. And I'm not going to tell you anything about it. My lips are sealed."

Source: Starlog
June 13, 2002

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