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Stan Winston Joins "Area 51" Video Game / Movie

Oscar winning make-up artist, creature designer, special effects maestro, and overall Hollywood magician Stan Winston has landed a deal, through his company Stan Winston Studio, along with Midway Games Inc. to develop a video game tentatively called Area 51. Winston’s team’s chief responsibility in development of the game will be to design the aliens — a staple, one guesses, of any project called "Area 51".

The game, which Stan Winston Productions has also acquired exclusive movie adaptation rights to, is expected to ship in 2004 for the PlayStation 2, the Xbox and the GameCube. What shape the movie version will take — and when — is unclear at this time. Still no news, however, on the much-wished for Spielberg / Lucas / Coppola teaming to develop a movie based on the ’80s arcade game Zoo Keeper.

August 2, 2002

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