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X-FILES 2 Will Stand Alone

It looks like with the end of "The X-Files" days away, Chris Carter has already moved on to his next project: X-Files 2.

While Carter talked to Cinescape magazine recently in general terms about what fans could expect from a follow up to 1998s X-Files: Fight the Future, it now seems hes firmed up ideas in his mind and shooting next year is becoming more certain.

In an interview in this weeks TV Guide, Carter reiterated what he told us, which is the second Files film will "be a stand-alone X-Files story," and shooting is set for sometime in 2003.

And while one-time "Files" star David Duchovny has said several times in recent months hed be open to a second big screen adventure, he seems even more high on the idea now. "I would do it in a minute," Duchovny said when asked.

Source: Cinescape
May 16, 2002

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