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The Blob  (1958)

Cast: Steve McQueen, Aneta Corsaut, Earl Rowe, Olin Howlin
Director: Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr.
U.S. Distribution: Paramount
U.S. Release Date: 1958
Running Time: 1:26
MPAA Rating: Not rated

The one thing that would keep me inside as a kid was a good monster movie. I cannot tell you how many times I watched this little gem that is not all that scary, but is a whole lot of fun.

After seeing a meteor crash near their small town, Steve McQueen and Aneta Corsaut discover that a mysterious alien lifeform resembling cherry Jell-O is devouring their friends and neighbors. As The Blob grows to an incredible size, the big question is whether or not these teenagers can find an adult who will listen to them?

Just thinking about it makes me want to sing: "Beware of the Blob, it creeps, and leaps, and glides and slides . . . "

© 1999, Delton Perrodin

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