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Campfire Tales  (1997)

Cast: Jay R. Ferguson, Christine Taylor, Kim Murphy, Christopher Kennedy Masterson, Ron Livingston, Jennifer MacDonald, Alex McKenna, Jacinda Barrett, Glenn Quinn, James Marsden, Amy Smart, Suzanne Goddard
Directors: David Semel, Martin Kunert, Matt Cooper
U.S. Distribution: New Line Cinema
U.S. Release: 9/98 (direct to video)
Running Time: 1:28
MPAA Rating: R

Stranded in the woods after a car accident, four teens entertain themselves by swapping Tales of terror. There's monsters, ghosts, a psychopath, some gratuitious sex . . . this movie has it all! (Alright, I'm joking.)

But you know, this Creepshow-like anthology of horror stories isn't half-bad. "The Honeymoon" is about a vicious beast who terrorizes a young couple on a full-moon lit desert highway. "People Can Lick Too" demonstrates why you should not let your children surf the Internet alone. Two very different tales, but in each the viewer is led to a satisfyingly shocking climax.

Campfire Tales has some good scares, decent acting and a modern twist that makes it worth a look. Among its faults, too much of the multiple plots are obvious and too many of the characters are just plain dumb.

© 1999, Delton Perrodin

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