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Terror In the Swamp  (1984)

Cast: Billy Holliday, Chuck Bush, Gerald Daigal, Chuck Long, Ray Saadi, Michael Tedesco
Director: Joe Catalanotto / Martin Folse
U.S. Distribution: New World
U.S. Release Date: 1984 (direct to video)
Running Time: 1:27
MPAA Rating: Not rated (merits "PG" for suggested violence and mild gore)

A murdering Swamp thing is stalking folks in the marshes around Houma, Louisiana. It seems some scientists (actually a couple of very bad actors impersonating them) are responsible for a creature who may be a "nutriaman" - part nutria rat, part human.

Having lived and worked in and around Houma all of my adult life, I must tell you that the best part of watching "Nutriaman" (as everyone around here still calls it) - other than a few unintentional laughs - is recognizing many of the locals who appear in the film. I can proudly say that the UPS guy who comes to my office had a sizable part in the production and is actually killed at film's end!

Just who is to blame for this all-but-forgotten piece of local filmmaking history? Producer Martin Folse, who today owns and operates the one-and-only Houma television station, co-wrote the script for Terror In the Swamp with Terry Hebb, based on a story by Billy Holliday (who also stars).

© 2001, Delton Perrodin

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