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What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?  (1962)

Cast: Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Victor Buono, Maidie Norman, Julie Allred, Dave Willock, Anna Lee, Barbara Merrill, Marjorie Bennett
Director: Robert Aldrich
U.S. Distribution: Warner Bros. / Seven Arts
U.S. Release Date: 10/31/62
Running Time: 2:13
MPAA Rating: Not rated (merits "PG-13" for violent subject matter)

Jane Hudson (Bette Davis) was a show-biz sensation as a child (think Shirley Temple, without the talent). Sister Blanche (Joan Crawford) would go on to much greater success as an acclaimed film actress, sending Jane off her rocker. Davis is one crazy old dame, playing her part for everything it's worth.

A young Victor Buono provides a much-needed distraction from the torture inflicted on Blanche, but can he or anyone save her from her sinister sister?

Director Robert Aldrich made quite a number of accomplished films including The Dirty Dozen, The Longest Yard and Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte (also starring Davis). Baby Jane is one of his most affecting and unforgettable works.

© 2002, Delton Perrodin

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