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I Love The X-Files !

I Love The X-Files!

The X-Files (Fox, 1993-2002)

  1. The X-Files (Pilot first aired 9/10/93)  * First appearance of Cigarette Smoking Man a.k.a. Cancer Man (William B. Davis)
  2. Deep Throat
  3. Squeeze
  4. Conduit  With Carrie Snodgress
  5. The Jersey Devil
  6. Shadows
  7. Ghost In the Machine
  8. Ice  With Felicity Huffman ("Sports Night")
  9. Space  With Ed Lauter and Susanna Thompson ("Once and Again")
  10. Fallen Angel
  11. Eve
  12. Fire  With Amanda Pays ("The Flash")
  13. Beyond the Sea  With Brad Dourif
  14. Genderbender
  15. Lazarus
  16. Young at Heart
  17. E.B.E.  * First appearance of the Lone Gunmen (Tom Braidwood as Frohike, Bruce Harwood as Byers and Dean Haglund as Langly)
  18. Miracle Man
  19. Shapes
  20. Darkness Falls
  21. Tooms (a.k.a. Squeeze 2)
  22. Born Again
  23. Roland
  24. The Erlenmeyer Flask
  25. Little Green Men (Season Two opener first aired 9/16/94)
  26. The Host
  27. Blood  With William Sanderson ("Newhart")
  28. Sleepless  With Tony Todd ("Candyman")  * First appearance of Agent Alex Krycek (Nicholas Lea, who first appeared in "Genderbender")
  29. Duane Barry (Part one)  With Steve Railsback ("Helter Skelter") and CCH Pounder ("ER")
  30. Ascension (Part two)  With Steve Railsback
  31. 3
  32. One Breath
  33. Firewalker  With Bradley Whitford ("The West Wing") and Shawnee Smith
  34. Red Museum
  35. Excelsius Dei
  36. Aubrey  With Terry O'Quinn ("The Stepfather")
  37. Irresistible
  38. Die Hand Die Verletzt
  39. Fresh Bones  With Daniel Benzali
  40. Colony (Part one)
  41. End Game (Part two)
  42. Fearful Symmetry  With Lance Guest ("The Last Starfighter")
  43. Dod Kalm  With John Savage
  44. Humbug
  45. The Calusari
  46. F. Emasculata  With Charles Martin Smith
  47. Soft Light  With Tony Shalhoub
  48. Our Town
  49. Anasazi (Part one)
  50. The Blessing Way (Season Three opener first aired 9/22/95; part two)
  51. Paper Clip (Part three)
  52. D.P.O.  With Giovanni Ribisi and Jack Black
  53. Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose  With Peter Boyle
  54. The List  With J.T. Walsh
  55. 2 Shy
  56. The Walk
  57. Oubliette
  58. Nisei (Part one)
  59. 731 (Part two)
  60. Revelations  With R. Lee Ermey
  61. War of the Coprophages
  62. Syzygy
  63. Grotesque
  64. Piper Maru (Part one)
  65. Apocrypha (Part two)
  66. Pusher
  67. Teso Dos Bichos
  68. Hell Money  With Lucy Liu
  69. Jose Chung's "From Outer Space"  With Charles Nelson Reilly, Jesse Ventura and Alex Trebek
  70. Avatar
  71. Quagmire
  72. Wetwired
  73. Talitha Cumi (Part one)
  74. Herrenvolk (Season Four opener first aired 10/4/96; part two)  With Roy Thinnes
  75. Home  * My all-time favorite episode!
  76. Teliko
  77. Unruhe
  78. The Field Where I Died
  79. Sanguinarium
  80. Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man
  81. Paper Hearts
  82. Tunguska (Part one)
  83. Terma (Part two)
  84. El Mundo Gira  With Ruben Blades
  85. Leonard Betts
  86. Never Again  With the voice of Jodie Foster
  87. Memento Mori
  88. Kaddish
  89. Unrequited
  90. Tempus Fugit (Part one)
  91. Max (Part two)
  92. Synchrony
  93. Small Potatoes
  94. Zero Sum
  95. Elegy
  96. Demons
  97. Gethsemane (Part one)
  98. Redux, Part One (Season Five opener first aired 11/2/97; actually part two)
  99. Redux, Part Two (Part three)
  100. Unusual Suspects  With Richard Belzer
  101. Detour
  102. Post-Modern Prometheus  With Jerry Springer
  103. Christmas Carol (Part one)
  104. Emily (Part two)
  105. Kitsunegari
  106. Schizogeny
  107. Chinga
  108. Kill Switch
  109. Bad Blood  With Luke Wilson
  110. Patient 'X'  With Veronica Cartwright, who also appears in "The Red and the Black" and "Two Fathers"
  111. The Red and the Black
  112. Travelers  With Darren McGavin ("Kolchak: The Night Stalker")
  113. Mind's Eye  With Lili Taylor
  114. All Souls
  115. The Pine Bluff Variant
  116. Folie A Deux
  117. The End (Part one)  With Mimi Rogers, who also appears in "The Beginning", "Two Fathers", "One Son", "Biogenesis" and both "Sixth Extinction" eps.
  118. The Beginning
  119. Drive  With Bryan Cranston
  120. Triangle
  121. Dreamland, Part One  With Michael McKean and Nora Dunn
  122. Dreamland, Part Two  With Michael McKean and Nora Dunn
  123. How the Ghosts Stole Christmas  With Edward Asner and Lili Tomlin
  124. Terms of Endearment  With Bruce Campbell
  125. Rain King  With Victoria Jackson
  126. S.R. 819
  127. Tithonus
  128. Two Fathers (Part one)
  129. One Son (Part two)
  130. Agua Mala  With Darren McGavin
  131. Monday  With Carrie Hamilton
  132. Arcadia
  133. Alpha
  134. Trevor
  135. Milagro
  136. Three of a Kind
  137. The Unnatural
  138. Field Trip
  139. Biogenesis (Part one)
  140. The Sixth Extinction (Season Seven opener first aired 11/7/99; part two)
  141. The Sixth Extinction II - Amor Fati (Part three)
  142. Hungry
  143. Millennium  With Lance Henriksen and Dick Clark
  144. Rush
  145. The Goldberg Variation
  146. Orison
  147. The Amazing Maleeni
  148. Signs and Wonders
  149. Sein Und Zeit (Part one)
  150. Closure (Part two)
  151. X-Cops
  152. First Person Shooter
  153. Theef
  154. En Ami
  155. Chimera
  156. all things
  157. Brand X  With Dennis Boutsikaris
  158. Hollywood A.D.  With Garry Shandling, Téa Leoni, Minnie Driver and David Alan Grier
  159. Fight Club  With Kathy Griffin and Randall "Tex" Cobb
  160. Je Souhaite  With Will Sasso ("Mad TV")
  161. Requiem (Part one)
  162. Within (Season Eight opener first aired 11/5/00; part two)  * First appearance of Agent John Doggett (Robert Patrick)
  163. Without (Part three)
  164. Patience
  165. Roadrunners
  166. Invocation
  167. Redrum  With Joe Morton, Anne-Marie Johnson and Danny Trejo
  168. Via Negativa
  169. Surekill
  170. Salvage
  171. Badlaa
  172. The Gift
  173. Medusa
  174. Per Manum
  175. This Is Not Happening  With Roy Thinnes  * First appearance of Agent Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish)
  176. DeadAlive
  177. Three Words
  178. Empedocles  With Denise Crosby
  179. Vienen
  180. Alone
  181. Essence  With Frances Fisher
  182. Existence
  183. Nothing Important Happened Today (Season Nine opener first aired 11/11/01; part one)  With Lucy Lawless
  184. Nothing Important Happened Today II (Part two)  With Lucy Lawless
  185. Dæmonicus
  186. 4-D
  187. Lord of the Flies
  188. Trust No 1
  189. John Doe
  190. Hellbound
  191. Provenance (Part one)
  192. Providence (Part two)
  193. Audrey Pauley
  194. Underneath
  195. Improbable  With Burt Reynolds
  196. Scary Monsters
  197. Jump the Shark  With Michael McKean
  198. William
  199. Release
  200. Sunshine Days  With David Faustino ("Married With Children")
  201. The Truth (Two-hour series finale first aired 5/19/02)  With William Devane
  202. "The X-Files - Fight the Future" (Theatrical movie premiered 6/19/98)

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